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Inmate “Behind the Bars” Kiosks and Tablets

Trinity Services Group has perfected our in-pod system specifically for correctional facilities. We build our kiosks to survive the demanding rigors of a correctional environment and our designs help reduce or eliminate down time while still maintaining an ‘inmate proof’ system.

Kiosk_Only_RGB_webDual Screen Kiosk

Trinity has constructed a dual screen kiosk to allow multiple inmates to place commissary orders, check their account balance, and perform other kiosk tasks at the same time.

The dual screen kiosk will help reduce congestion, discontent, and frustration while adding convenience and modern technology to your pods. Kiosks are wireless and powered through your Ethernet for lower cost and faster installation.

Screens can detach and become mobile for low risk areas.


When you team up two corrections industry leaders, you get the most efficient, powerful and reliable commissary ordering/inmate communications platform available to correctional facilities. Facilities who benefit from Trinity’s recent partnership with Telmate are digitizing and streamlining their commissary process and introducing investigator tools, digital requests and grievances, and a host of additional inmate communications and content offerings – all on a single, easy-to-use, digital platform.

Telmate Tablets are wireless, corrections-grade, 7″ tablets designed for inmate commissary ordering as well as other services such educational resources, legal research, messaging, photo sharing and entertainment.

Tab 3 Technology_Hardware_TabletsFor inmates, commissary ordering using Telmate Tablet technology simplifies the process of purchasing daily necessities including everything from soap and snacks to socks, and more. For facilities, automating this service allows them to control and monitor items being taken in and out of pods, which aids in the both the detection and prevention of contraband. Facilities have the option to provide multiple devices per pod, increasing the ability for inmates to access their accounts and order commissary.

The Telmate Tablet shared model is ideal for the needs of the jail population making it easier for inmates to communicate with friends and family while giving them the freedom to query their commissary balances and order status.

Traditional Kiosks

Our traditional kiosks are flexible enough to fit into any environment and can accommodate features such as ID barcode scanning and biometric identification.  The kiosk is installed with state-of-the-art software, feature-rich with the capability to accommodate Inmate Handbooks, Inmate Grievance Submission, Inmate Request Forms and full Inmate Ledgers.

Tab 3 Technology_Hardware_Lobby KioskInmate Funds Management

Trinity has developed a complete system that ‘closes the loop’ on inmate financials, relieving the facility of the need to handle inmate cash. The key features to our Inmate Funds Management package are:

  • Lobby Kiosks that accept cash and credit card deposits for inmates from loved ones coming to the facility.
  • Deposits by phone or website at
  • Booking Kiosks that accept cash from inmates who are being booked into the facility.
  • Card Release Systems that replace checks or cash payouts to released inmates and

Lobby Kiosks

Specifically designed for the correctional community, the Smart Deposit Lobby Kiosk automates deposits and makes the process more convenient and accessible. The kiosks accept cash and credit card deposits and posts them in real-time to the inmate’s account. No setup, hardware, or maintenance costs to the facility.

Booking Kiosk or Booking Cube

The Smart Deposit Kiosk automates deposits and makes the process more convenient and accessible. Efficient system design frees staff time for more productive tasks.

The Smart Deposit Booking Cube is fully integrated with our inmate banking software and automates the money handling process. Received funds are automatically entered into an inmate’s trust fund account and tracked in our inmate banking system. The small footprint is a space-saving alternative to larger booking kiosks.

The benefits of a booking system:

  • Reduce reconciliation time and decrease workload of accounting staff
  • Real time posting and instant reporting

No setup, hardware or maintenance costsTab 3 Technology_Hardware_Booking Cube