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Trinity doesn’t underestimate the importance of commissary to the inmates. Commissary is a large behavior modification tool for your facility.

Trinity brings more than 30 years of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and quality, brand name products to your facility. Our commitment to you is to provide, manage and maintain a quality commissary service program that maintains inmate satisfaction as well as ease-of-use for staff and facility, safety and security, properly trained staff, and a fiscally sound and audit compliant trust fund software.

We’ve learned a lot during our years in commissary management but our goals remain the same, we want to grow your revenue, optimize your profits and efficiency, minimize labor and secure your fiduciary integrity.

Our service starts with secure, full service operation centers throughout the United States. We stock name brand products on the cleanest shelves in the industry.

Our superior purchasing power supported by our worldwide network and resources enables us to provide brand-name merchandise at lower prices. This translates into more variety for inmates, and higher participation.

Trinity leverages proven processes and advanced technology, including proprietary software, to automate order entry and processing. Our inmate accounting system streamlines check writing, payroll, deposits, co-payments, and property management. Our software also enables corrections personnel to restrict items based on an inmate’s classification or housing. These processes, procedures and technology ensure the accurate and efficient management of the day-to-day operations of your commissary.


Because security is your number one priority and ours, we maintain strict procedures to safeguard every aspect of the commissary process, from warehouse to delivery and distribution.

All orders are placed on secure trucks, transported under close scrutiny to your facility, unloaded under supervision, and distributed and tracked electronically. Nothing is overlooked.

We use clear, tamper-proof plastic to ensure that nothing is concealed in commissary bags, as well as clear personal items and electronic devices that prevent concealed contraband. Strict rules regarding safe behavior and fraternization between inmates and staff are maintained at all times to ensure the safety of both staff and inmates.


Trinity Services Group’s MyCarePack website allows loved ones to securely order products for inmates. This revolutionary website can be configured to the exact needs of a facility. Types of items, ordering restrictions, gift packs, and special orders are only a few of the configurable areas within MyCarePack.



SmartDeposit is an innovative phone, web and lobby kiosk services that allows friends and family members to deposit money directly into an inmates account.  Mobile friendly, this service is a fast and secure way to quickly provide for a loved one.



Chuckwagon is a resident housing mobile snack bar.

Reinforce resident good behavior with the Chuckwagon Café. The mobile snack bar is filled with high-demand specialty foods and another cart features frozen treats. Both are offered in-person from secure, full service carts, but only for residents who have earned it.

Chuckwagon and Frozen Delights encourages high-profit, impulse buying with immediate availability of microwaveable foods, specialty drinks and ice cream novelties that aren’t provided through standard commissary programs. Your residents will select from an on-cart menu of sandwiches and burgers, pizzas, snacks, ice cream and more featuring brands they know and trust.